Ways in Which You Should Feed Your Yorkshire Terrier


A lot of things should be considered when choosing food for your Yorkie. The main diet that you feed your Yorkie should be dry kibble which is because they should not be fed wet canned food most of the time since they can cause food decay. In case you decide to be feeding your Yorkie with wet food, you should ensure that you brush his teeth after every meal. Most of the canned food has the same ingredients as the dry food with the only difference being that the canned ones have more water than the ones that are not canned. It is essential for you to ensure that you check all Yorkie feeds before purchasing them. There is various dry food that is of good quality in the market and which you can choose from. You should not specifically purchase the food according to the brands and names that they are under.

Some companies may have a good quality puppy kibble but have the adult option which is not of good quality. Ensure that you read the labels on the food to avoid frustrations of buying what you did not want initially. Yorkie puppies should feed on dog food for yorkies for the first ten months after which they can comfortably feed on adult feeds. Among the many brands that are there in the market, you should choose according to your preferences. The dry kibble for your Yorkie should consist of recognizable meat being its main ingredient, a protein of not below thirty percent and sizable pieces with a manageable shape which can fit in mouths of different sizes. The feeds should also be balanced and complete having been certified by Association of American Feed Control Officials.

The packaging should indicate the group, concerning age, which should consume the food. The food should be for puppies which are adults or those that are pregnant or lactating. Different Yorkies should be fed in different ways because they have different changes in the stages of growth and development. All the brands of Yorkie foods have the guidelines that you should follow to feed your dog. Know more on how to feed a yorkie here!

Yorkies should be left to feed freely by ensuring that they have food at all times because unlike other breeds, Yorkies do not overfeed. If you provide food for your Yorkie at all times, he will have the right weight, and in case he is overweight in which case you will have some guidance from your veterinarian. To know more ideas on how to select the best dog food, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog.


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